February Highlights at Willow Creek

Well it’s been a very cold month in Saskatchewan- a record low month! on February 6, 2019 Saskatoon broke the 112 year-old record for the coldest day, when the temperature fell to -42.6 C, according to Environment Canada. The previous record for Feb.6 was set in 1907 at -41.7 C. We sure felt it…and so do our pets. Our pets’ cold tolerance depends on various factors, from their activity level, to their weight, health, and fat stores. It is very important to give your pet a warm place to sleep when the temperatures get this cold. Cats and dogs are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as humans are, and should be kept indoors or in a warm place if the weather drops to threatening temps. You may want to shorten their outdoor activity also or consider a dog sweater/jacket if they do insist on the outdoors. Here’s an image of our Fur-Baby all bundled and warm:) He’s such a charmer.


“Hi, I’m Jack!”

“Please Keep your Fur-Babies warm! Our feet and ears get cold quickly, just like yours do, so make sure our play time outdoors is shorter than usual!”

January Highlights at Willow Creek!

So much excitement for us at Willow Creek Pet Cremations this month. We love, love, love our pets and we are so passionate about honouring each pet in their uniqueness! Although After-Care is not emotionally an easy thing for anyone, we find joy in learning about how special the life of each companion pet has been.

We are excited to highlight our newest Custom Hand Crafted Urns, made by local designer Dave Harder of Warman, Sask. The series we have chosen to carry for you and highlight this month is the Luca Series of Urns. Beautiful details in the Walnut wood grains brag the quality of these urns. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also durable- lasting a lifetime. What better way to cherish our sweet fur babies.

Looking forward to seeing what February has in store for us at Willow Creek Pet Cremations inc. Thanks for popping in! 01/30/19